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Ikebana - Japanese Floral Art

Like a poem or a painting made with flowers, Ikenobô Ikebana expresses both the beauty of flowers and the beauty of the longing in our own hearts.

We can arrange flowers that are not only beautiful, but also reflect the passage of time and the feelings in the heart as we perceive the unspoken words and silent movements of the plants, and reinforce these impressions through a form that becomes Ikebana. With twigs, leaves and flowers, a new form is created that contains both our impression of the beauty of the plant and the sign of our own spirit. The forces of nature, with which plants live in harmony, are absorbed: Branches bent by the winter wind or a leaf half eaten by insects. Ikenobô Ikebana considers not only an open flower, but also the bud of a flower to be beautiful, because in the bud is the energy of life opening up to the future. Past, present, future... at every moment, plants and people are responding to an ever-changing environment. Together with the plants, we humans are a vital part of nature, and our Ikebana arrangement expresses this awareness.

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