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Kodomo no Hi / Childrens day

The day was originally called Tango no Sekku 端午の節句. It marks the beginning of summer (the rainy season) and is one of the five seasonal festivals (Sekku). Tango (Ta = edge / beginning) and go (noon) or five (五). Since ancient times, the fifth month of the Chinese calendar has been the month of purification, and many rites to ward off evil spirits.

Happy Easter

Gentle splendor of blossoms, 
Birds singing in the morning light, 
Resurrection day.

(Haiku by Eva D. Geiger)

In the days of spring, when the air is filled with a breath of renewal, two symbols of beauty and new beginnings merge: Easter and cherry blossoms. Easter, a celebration of resurrection and reawakening, meets the delicate blossoms of the cherry trees, which bloom in full splendor to herald the arrival of the warmer season.



Every spring, when the cherry trees are in full bloom, people from all over the world flock to Japan's famous cherry blossom locations to experience the breathtaking spectacle of the pink blossoms and celebrate the hanami 花見, "blossom viewing". The cherry blossom front begins between the end of March in Kyushu and moves northeast until it arrives in Hokkaido in early May.